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The ability to identify and capture a picture frame of life is something that started Maritza Engelbrecht on the path of photography. Since hard of hearing, Maritza just like most deaf people focus on what they see and appreciate the visual aspects of life much more than a lot of other photographers.


Photography prices that makes real sense and allow you the freedom to create your own photography package that suits your needs.

Photography is our passion and we can take thousands of photos for the pure joy of it so the real hard work lies in the various photo editing stages and fine-tuning techniques but in reality clients needs much fewer but the very best photos.

Save you a lot of money

The rationale is simple:

You pay a far lower rate for all photos but can then select the number of photos that require much more work at much higher prices.

We divided our service / packages into different and separate items that makes more sense and allow you to customise the package to your needs.

Some basic items like travel expenses and renemuration for our photography service per hour or some basic extras that you may be interested in.

Selection between additional extras and time / labour intensive things that you can tweak and change until you are satisfied with the total package.

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I have no words to describe how I feel when I look at these incredible photos... I would like to thank you on doing such an awesome job. You made me all feel so comfortable as if we had known you for a lifetime? Not even THANK YOU is good enough.
Danli & Hanli

We were instantly impressed with Maritza with her laid back and chilled way of working. We instantly felt comfortable with her, which is really important for the day when you're trying to look your best and want to capture the best shots!.

Maritza - From start to finish, my experience with you was wonderful. Thank you for capturing my precious children - even though for most of the shoot they were not acting so precious. You were patient and creative and gave me exactly what I wanted.

Thank you SO MUCH for capturing our wedding day so beautifully. You truly captured the spirit of the day and made camera-shy Jessa comfortable in front of the lens. You made our day so special!!.

Foto's wat soos skilderye lyk ontspring as sy die knoppie druk... maar mense vermy haar vinnig as hulle agterkom sy kan nie al die klanke hoor nie.

Maritza Engelbrecht saam met haar seuntjie, Pierre, en papegaai, Monty. Sy is 'n goeie fotograaf, maar se mense wil haar nie 'n kans gee nie, omdat sy hardhorend is.
Maritza Engelbrecht (35) is hardhorend en kan glad nie mense bel om vir hulle te vertel dat sy 'n meester is met fotografie nie.

Wat haar dronkslaan is dat mense haar vermy as sy vir hulle se om net vir haar 'n sms of Watsapp te stuur as hulle met haar wil kommunikeer. "Daar is niks fout met my nie, ek kan net nie met die telefoon praat nie. In ons moderne tyd is dit tog ongelooflik dat mense my nie wil sms nie?" se sy kopskuddend.

Sy vertel dat hulle 'n klein groepie vriende is wat gehoorgestremd is. Haar man is heeltemal doof, asook al hul ander vriende.

"Ons kan alles doen wat ander mense kan doen. Die verskil is, mense sal hulle eerder wend na horendes en so word ons afgesny van die wereld"

Haar portefeulje onder "Sparkle Photograpy" is ongelooflik en daar is pragfoto's van troues, paartjies, konserte en selfs natuurtonele.

Die verskil tussen Maritza en al haar dowe vriende is dat sy soms namens hulle met ander kan kommunikeer, aangesien sy sekere klanke wel kan hoor en van aangesig tot aangesig met mense kan praat.

Een van hul dowe vriende, Frank Coetzee, beaam wat Maritza se. Hy is briljant met webtuiste ontwerp en webberging.

Net soos Maritza, skrik dit mense egter af as hy vra dat hulle hom moet sms.

"Daar is niks fout met ons koppe nie!" se hy afgemete. Die verskil is net: waar mense in die aande tuiskom en teekoppies hoor rinkel, honde hoor blaf en hul kinders se gelag kan hoor, het hulle net hul eie gedagtes.

"Die doofheid is nie werklik 'n gebrek nie, want ons kan lees en skryf! Ons hande is nie afgekap nie, vat asseblief net ons hande en gee ons 'n kans. Ons is normaal soos enigiemand anders!"