Photography Prices and Packages

Sparkle Photography offers an unique approach regarding our fees and prices as explained below.

Photography price and packages normally range from a few hundred rand for baby, couple, individual shoots and several thousands up to ten thousand or more for wedding packages. Over and above the professional service and some other factors the editing of each individual photo take a LOT of time and contribute towards the high cost of photography services.

What we do is to split our various costs and time into separate components so that you can mix and choose a package according your individual budget and needs.

Create Your Own Photgraphy Package
Item / Option Selected Subtotal Total
Suggested Packages
Photoshoot Booking Duration - R110.00 per hour Hours R .00 R 0.00
Travel distance to venue and back (From Middelburg) - R2.00 per km Km R .00
Number of Photos - Minimal editing and time - R0.90 per photo Photos R .00
Number of Photos - Normal editing and time - R1.70 per photo Photos R .00
Number of Photos - Professional editing and time - R2.60 per photo Photos R .00
Additional Sparkle Copyright Removal - R175.00 No Copyright R .00
Additional Video of Event - R140.00 per hour (include editing) Video R .00
Prints, Frames, Other - Budget Amount Budget R .00

With the prints, frames and other items, you can choose a budget amount and we will then shop around to come as closely as possible to such budget amount and discuss it with you beforehand.

It's worth to take note that we try our best to satisfy all our clients and always include free bonus items too..